I have all positive feedback! Great work with the whole Zouk initiative! I couldn't attend prior classes due to parking difficulty that is now addressed by moving to headlong. Last class I attended at headlong and it was great class. I liked your delivery style. You both did a great job in answering questions during the lessons. Keep up the great work! I am so glad it's you two doing this! You have my 100% support in any way possible. Thank you.

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I have been bragging about your teaching style. Particularly your keen observation and instant feedback with each new move executed. I also LOVE the stretch before the class. Also, for two BRILLIANT and amazing people, & top dancers, you two have unprecedented humbleness and kindness for new dancers. I think part of the reason why the community responded so strongly is because you exude LOVING kindness for every single one of us. I honestly don’t know what to suggest for improvements other than have more frequent classes.



So happy that I had the joy, last night, of coming to the Zouk class! I am new to Zouk, and Alanna and Tiffany are wonderful teachers! Made us all feel welcomed, explained things so well! They seemed to sense exactly what we needed help on, exactly when we needed it! I loved the social interaction with all of the classmates, meeting new people, and both of us getting to lead and follow... Which, in most classes of Latin dance, you wouldn't get to experience that. I have so much more appreciation for the leaders, from seeing it from the other side! One of the leads said, that he felt like he didn't really know a move until he did it as the follow! How profound! This class is life-changing! I highly recommend it! It was so much FUN! The music was great, the atmosphere was cheerful, and light,  I loved this class! I love my teachers!

What they say...

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Omg your class was amazingg! You guys got me hooked haha all my feedback would be positive, you guys explain everything really well and it wasn't overwhelming at all. Best wishes as you guys continue your zouk journey, keep it up!" 



You're going to love this...so Javier and I only took 3 Zouk lessons from you guys and while we were on vacation, we were playing music and dancing on the boardwalk! A bunch of people starting circling us up and taking videos of us dancing! And they were like, what is that ? That's so beautiful! We told them it's zouk, a Brazilian dance... it's just amazing how we only took 3 lessons, yet Zouk is so beautiful, people on the boardwalk had to stop and watch! We also danced with the music at a store on the boardwalk. The owner said, 'What music do you want ? I'll play it for you. Please stay here and do one more dance

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I never thought I'll fall in love with zouk until I saw Alanna and Tiffany dancing! For those who is passionate about social dances I highly recommend to try the classes at Revolution Factory - here you'll find inspiring instructors, friendly communite, and beauty of the motion:)



I love what PhilaZouk is doing with hosting so many awesome events with great classes. I had a blast at the last PhilaZouk event that I attended!