Partner Dance

Brazilian Zouk is a partnered social-dance style which includes a combination of traveling footwork, dynamic body movement, and technical head movement. This style can be danced to almost any music, so you’ll find yourself wanting to Zouk as you’re waiting in an elevator or sitting at a restaurant. With a little hard work, anyone can enjoy the connection, creativity, and exploration unique to this dance.

Solo Dance

Solo dance is a category of styles that one may learn in a traditional dance studio. By incorporating solo dance training, you can amend your solo practices, or you can complement partner-based activities with individual training. Dance genres like Ballet, Modern, Contemporary, Jazz, Styling, etc. can provide a unique balance of getting to know your body’s capabilities, and embodying things beyond your comfort zone. 


Acrobatics is an umbrella term for a myriad of movement styles that utilize flexibility, strength, agility, and control to achieve feats beyond a body’s ordinary capability. This movement requires time and training to complete safely and can be both fun and exhilarating. Some of the categories of Acrobatics include Handstands, Hand Balancing, Contortion, Tumbling, and many more.

Body Care

Body care classes revolve around a multi-dimensional wellness approach. From preventing injuries, relieving symptoms of dysfunction, connecting with your spiritual and intellectual needs, treating pain, and educating about the human body, you will learn and apply techniques that are appropriate for all community members. Body care classes are perfect supplements to the movement-based classes to maintain balance between training and restoration.

Private Training 

To make sure learning is accessible to all types of learners, PMP will always offer private training options in addition to group classes. Whether you want to start from the beginning, or dive into advanced concepts of any of our other offerings, we can work with you at your pace and level. If you want to pursue private training in modalities outside of those being offered currently as group classes, Alanna & Tiffany both have experience and training in a many other styles. If they do not offer what you want to learn, they can act as liaisons to link you with professionals locally or around the world that can best meet your needs.

Traveling Workshops & Events

Alanna & Tiffany cherish the opportunity to share their perspective outside their beloved local community. They offer a variety of workshops and classes exploring their unique concepts. Every community and group is completely different, so they tailor their content and delivery to best match the needs of each population. They particularly value teaching in underserved communities without access to the same educational environment they have cultivated in Philadelphia. Alanna & Tiffany constantly aim to eliminate financial, physical, logistical, institutional, and cultural barriers to arts education access. Contact us at to schedule Alanna & Tiffany for a workshop in your city or at an event near you.