PhilaZouk Movement Project


To provide unparalleled instruction in partner and solo movement in a safe and healing environment.


To promote an inclusive, empowering, and inspirational educational environment. PMP will continue to challenge creative barriers and facilitate their students in finding artistic-expression and self-compassion through creative movement. 


About the Founders 

Alanna Leipold


Tiffany Wright


         Growing up, Alanna trained in a variety of styles of dance including Ballet, Modern, Contemporary, Jazz and others. She was part of various pre-professional programs and companies and went on to major in Dance at college. She eventually started dancing Latin Social Dancing as a hobby that quickly developed into a passion. She began teaching, researching, performing, and choreographing in Salsa and Bachata on campus while completing a double major in Dance and Exercise Science at Slippery Rock University. After graduation, she found the Latin Dance Community in Washington, DC and began attending every event she found. Her first congress was Interfusion Festival in Feb, 2017 where she stumbled across Brazilian Zouk and immediately felt drawn. She sought further Zouk exploration when she moved to Philadelphia, but found a distinct lack of education and social dance opportunities. Alanna met Tiffany at a Latin Social dance event, and they realized their mutual desire to explore Brazilian Zouk in Philadelphia. They intensely trained in DC and NYC to be able to offer classes and start a community. During this process, Alanna completed 2 years of a Doctorate in Physical Therapy and earned a License in Massage Therapy. She now provides Personal Training, Anatomy/Sciences Tutoring, and Massage Therapy services on top of Brazilian Zouk, Solo dance classes, and dance-adjacent education.

          Tiffany began Cheerleading, Gymnastics, Tumbling, and exploring movement in high school. She focused her academics in the field of Psychology and earned a Masters of Science Degree in Mental Health. She found an intersection in these two fields within Mindfulness, Yoga Therapy, and Acro Yoga. In 2016, she traveled to Thailand and Indonesia to train with world-class instructors and become certified in Yoga and Acro Vinyasa, and completed a 5 month program leading to a Yoga Therapy Certification and a wealth of amazing experiences. She came home to continue her training and tumbled into the Interfusion Festival of Feb, 2017. Tiffany was immediately drawn to the Brazilian Zouk room where she saw partners dancing to some of her favorite music. After Interfusion, she moved to Philadelphia and searched for classes to learn this magnetic style of dance, but when that need was not met, she found Bachata and went on to eventually compete ProAm at the World Salsa Summit in Bachata Cabaret with world-champion, Darlin Garcia. She met Alanna at a Latin Social Dance event where they became fast friends and discovered their mutual interest in training, teaching, and creating a Brazilian Zouk community. Most recently, she began attending Circadium School of Contemporary Circus at Philadelphia School of Circus Arts to pursue more Contortion and Hand Balancing training. She continues to work in the mental health field, but now additionally offers Flexibility, Acrobatics, and Yoga amongst Brazilian Zouk.

Their Journey Together...


​​          Together, Alanna & Tiffany immediately became friends. They shared the common experience of finding Brazilian Zouk at Interfusion Festival, searching for further training in Philadelphia, and finding a lack thereof. The inception of PhilaZouk came from a desire to develop and share Brazilian Zouk with a community in Philadelphia and finding that their respective movement teaching experience and passion for this dance created an unparalleled balance. Upon meeting, they immediately began to pursue the foundations of Brazilian Zouk with the intention of starting a small scene. Alanna & Tiffany trained with local instructors in DC and NYC and in 2018, they completed their first codified teacher training program with ZenZouk’s Ry’el and Jessica (the Unicorn). They have since trained privately with Linda & Pedrinho, Bruno & Raiza, Carlos & Fernanda, Alisson R Sandi, Gabriel de Carvalho, and many more amazing international artists and instructors. They always train with the intention to deliver the best information to their fantastic students. Their teaching style is a hybrid of those from which they learned and is heavily influenced by their respective movement backgrounds. Neither founder intended to become dance teachers, let alone specialized Brazilian Zouk instructors, but they found such satisfaction and success in watching their students grow and learn that they can’t imagine having taken another path. Alanna’s experience applies the biopsychosocial model to creative movement to help people from all backgrounds move efficiently and without pain. Tiffany’s experience allows her to view physical and mental health from a holistic standpoint, while incorporating mindfulness and compassion with movement and body expression. Alanna & Tiffany both continue other professional endeavors that entwine well with the vision they had since PhilaZouk’s genesis. To meet the growing needs of their community and continue to deliver their mission and vision, they relaunched their company on Jan 1st, 2021 by introducing the expanded and improved, PhilaZouk Movement Project.